• Image of The Kit

Facetools luxury cosmetic brushes are specially designed to bring out the beauty within us all. This elegant set of 13 brushes comes in a chic black leather cylinder and made up of the finest quality of goat, sable & synthetic hair. This classic case is sleek enough to accompany you on the go. The clever design also opens up on the side so it sits elegantly anywhere.

Every brush has a cover to ensure your brush stays bacteria free & retains its perfect shape; you will also find two bamboo sachets in the set to ensure the leather stays fresh & your brushes are well taken care of.

Facetools exudes elegance & gives your skin the pampering it deserves. These brushes have been created with a unique formula to leave your skin flawless.

The secret lies in our cleansing formula. Before the brushes are assembled, the bristles are first soaked in olive oil softening them to ensure that every stroke on your skin is gentle. After a thorough rinse, the brushes are then infused with Rose & Chamomile Extract perfect for sensitive skin.

Facetools. Your magic wands.